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Let me know your thoughts and check out my monogram/non-monogrammed canvases :)



Southern Tide Stickers
Southern Tide Stickers
Vineyard Vines at Short Hills

I need help! I want to post this stuff on etsy, but I don’t know if anyone would buy it, and if I did post it how much? Everything is handmade and painted by me. The bottom four pictures are of a water cooler (like a jug to drink water out of) the lid is not on though because i was putting sealer on it. Please let me know in my ask box! Thanks so much!

Ralph Lauren in Princeton
Lilly Pulitzer Heaven 😍 (at palm place )
Ootd Top-forever 21 Shorts-American eagle Sandals-gap Bubble Wristlet-Lilly Pulitzer
Look what I crafted for my best friend, Kelly, for the beach, etc. for her birthday!
Striped shirt/sweatshirt- Gap
Jean shorts-American Eagle
Phone Case-Kate Spade NY